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Love Heart stamps

Love hearts
Love Hearts are continually popular sweets, instantly recognisable for their distinctive shape, and declarations of desire. Add some of its sweetness to your correspondence with these Love Heart stamps

One of the latest products from Suck UK, this is a set of self-inking stamps, shaped like the original sweets. The stamps declare 'love you', 'call me', and 'smile': let's just hope the object of your affection remains as loved over the years as the original sweets are. 

A set of the stamps costs £5. 

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Love Hearts Tealights


We're staying on a vintage sweets tip with focus on these rather wonderful Love Hearts Tealights.

Yes, on the face of it, as package of the classic Love Hearts sweets. But this is bigger than that, with the packet containing six tealights, each one shaped like a sweet and with the same sloppy message of love on the top.

Three designs over the six lights included, with a packet selling for £4.99. And note – you can't eat them.

Find out more at the Firebox website