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Love Heart stamps

Love hearts
Love Hearts are continually popular sweets, instantly recognisable for their distinctive shape, and declarations of desire. Add some of its sweetness to your correspondence with these Love Heart stamps

One of the latest products from Suck UK, this is a set of self-inking stamps, shaped like the original sweets. The stamps declare 'love you', 'call me', and 'smile': let's just hope the object of your affection remains as loved over the years as the original sweets are. 

A set of the stamps costs £5. 

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Block notes from Suck UK – Tetris style post-its

Block notes
Though they don't say it by name, it's easy to recognise what has inspired these Block notes from Suck UK: with their interlocking shapes, you can have hours of fun rearranging them as though you were playing a game of Tetris. 

Fun, certainly, but also possibly useful – the long strips can be used for marking pages, the square ones scribbling longer notes. In fact, with all the blocks together, you can over 100 sheets worth of sticky notes. The number of different arrangements that can be made using one pack of the note pads is less obvious…

A set of the notes costs £7.50.

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Pac-Man Cookie Cutters now available at Firebox


We featured these a short while back, but now you can buy these Pac-Man Cookie Cutters at Firebox.

Yes, you can cut our own biscuits in the shape of arcade-based ghosts. It does make sense – they've been getting eaten for the last three decades. There are four cutters in the pack, three ghosts and one Pac-Man, all officially licensed via Suck UK.

£11.99 gets you a set. Or you can check out over the page for a photo of a plate of Pac-Man biscuits. Yum!

Find out more at the Firebox website

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Floppy disk sticky notes from Suck UK

Add some retro charm to your office with a reminder of some outdated technology courtesy of these floppy disk sticky notes from Suck UK

Yes, they are sticky notes that are designed to look like those old floppy disks that used to litter up the desk. However, as you can actually write on these notes, when used in conjunction with another piece of old-fashioned technology (i.e. a pen!) they're a lot more useful than the real thing for speedily conveying information. 

You get three note pads in a pack for £7.50. 

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