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The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree


Having a vintage-style get-together? You need a copy of The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree, which has just been published by Mitchell Beazley.

Angel Adoree is the person behind the Vintage Patisserie business, using the knowledge behind that to create a guide for hosting bespoke and vintage-style tea parties. Yes, the food is a big party of it, with lotd of recipes to try out for your event. But it also throws in the fashion too, with tips on hairstyling and makeup methods for example, as well as ideas on where to collect that all-essential vintage china .

304 pages in total, you can get it for half price right now at Amazon, priced at £10.

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The Perfect Picnic by Hilda Leyel


 The Perfect Picnic, published tomorrow, is just the book to ensure a certain sophistication to your al fresco dining activities this summer.

Hilda Leyel, who originally wrote The Perfect Picnic in 1936 was an expert cook and founder of the Society of Herbalists. She had a number of forward thinking ideas about food, such as eating seasonally and perfecting traditional British dishes, which chime perfectly with our current culinary fashions.

Recipes include egg mayonnaise on crusty bread, watercress, beetroot and nasturtium salad and spiced plum cake with salted almonds all of which promise delicious possibilities for summer dining.

You can buy The Perfect Picnic from Amazon for £4.99 here.


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Hope and Greenwood’s Life is Sweet book

Life is Sweet

Those with a sweet tooth will probably already be fans of Hope and Greenwood's tasty retro confectionery, sold through two stores in London and online. If you're after an extra sugary kick, you'll be pleased to hear they've gathered fifty of their favourite recipes together in this new book, Life is Sweet

From coconut ice to cinder toffee to old-fashioned fudge, they're all here and beautifully photographed and illustrated in a suitably retro style with all the humour you expect from the Hope and Greenwood folks. For £12.99, it's a simple way to make life taste a little bit sweeter. 

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