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1960s Jopo bicycle returns with new colour range


Not the first time we've featured this (indeed, we've mentioned it twice if you include the mini kids version), but we want to flag up the new colour options of a 60s cult classic – the Helkama Jopo family bicycle.

First produced in 1965, this timeless design is the bike that grows with you – adjusting the seat and the handlebars (which is easily done) means you can ride the same version version as a child and adult. It also offers an upright riding position, gear-free riding (and easy pedalling), a kickstand, steady luggage carrier and an integrated lock. Well, you wouldn't want something nabbing it, would you?

Especially when you see the price. 379 Euros secures you one online, with orange, green and yellow being those new colours.

Find out more at the Finnish Design Shop website