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Leopard Print Tights by Wolford


Of all the retro prints available in mainstream fashion, leopard print is the one that just isn't going anywhere. While it's much maligned by some, it's an ideal injection of rockabilly flair into any outfit. Especially in the case of these Leopard Print Tights by Wolford.

Made in the classic golden yellow and black, these are ideal for a modern take on fifties flair, allowing a hint of pinup style to be added to any outfit. Making a tricky print easy to wear, the tights definitely still pack some punch that will make a statement out of even the most demure outfit.

Get them online from ASOS now for £32.

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Leopard Bayswater Bag by Mulberry


Leopard print has by now reached near saturation as a retro print choice, but thanks to its lasting appeal across many decades it's going nowhere. While some leopard print items may end up looking more Bet Lynch than Bettie Page (no bad thing, in our opinion), there are plenty which retain that higher end classic look.

This Leopard version of the Bayswater Bag by Mulberry has an undeniable air of luxury about it, with use of a calf hair fabric and sparing gold-look hardware. Making it easier to wear leopard print with everything, the bag is oversized enough to make a big impression, without looking overworn like many dresses and coats can.

It's available in the UK from My Wardrobe, at Mulberry's usual high cost – this time £1650.

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Leopard Print Court Shoes from River Island


Animal prints go in and out of mainstream fashion, but they have long remained a popular piece in retro fashion wardrobes. For an instant injection of 50s style, leopard print is always a classic – especially effective in your accessories.

These Leather Leopard Print Court Shoes from River Island are the ideal choice for regular wear. With a closed toe and exaggerated bubbly front. A wearable mid heel means the shape isn't over the top, allowing the bold leopard print to shine.

Get them now from River Island for £49.99.

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Retro Print Pollyanna Bag by Lulu Guinness


There are a handful of prints that, while still in fashion circulation regularly, retain something of their retro roots in almost every incarnation. Often the easiest way to inject patterns like nautical stripes or animal print into your wardrobe is with accessories, like this Pollyanna Clutch Bag from Lulu Guinness.

The simple clutch structure provides a perfect vehicle for the two bold designs, creating timeless pieces without over detailing. The higher end leopard print choice is made from quality leather, while the striped version is made from a light polyester fabric, taking the price into a more affordable range. Each bag is just sizeable enough to carry all, while retaining some dainty femininity.

Get the leopard print version and the striped option from My Wardrobe online, retailing at £425 and £175 respectively.

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Leopard Faux Fur Coat from Next


Once upon a time, before fashion's politicisation, fur was an unmistakeable signifier of your status as someone of both wealth and taste. Thanks to faux fur versions of everything, we can now achieve an homage to days gone by, without the dubious morals thrown in.

This Leopard Faux Fur Coat from Next is part of their latest sixties-inspired line, tapping into an Edie Sedgwick style. Hers was the look that tread the line between sharp style and just a little bit trashy to perfection. The swing style ideally carries the bold print and fabric choices, creating a look that's feminine without being overblown.

Get it now from Next for a thoroughly affordable £55.

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