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Postcards from Puffin: 100 Book Covers in One Box


Fans of vintage literature and 20th century design will no doubt love Postcards from Puffin: 100 Book Covers in One Box.

It is just that, 100 postcards in a books-shaped box, each of the postcards featuring a different classic/iconic cover from a Puffin gem you might well remember from childhood.

70 years of British design and illustration history in one box – and yours for just £7.29.

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The Beat Hotel by Harold Chapman, Proud Chelsea, London


If you’ve already visited the City Lights Bookshop and Vesuvio’s bar in San Francisco, devotees of the Beat writers may be interested in the hotel in Paris’ Latin Quarter at 9 Rue Gît-le-Coeur. Famous residents of this hotel included William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso, whose stay there was recorded by another guest, the photographer Harold Chapman.

The hotel has been restored from the run-down state it was in during the Beats’ heyday so there isn’t much to see there beyond a plaque, but fortunately Chapman’s photographs survive and will be showing in the exhibition The Beat Hotel at Proud Chelsea. Chapman’s photographs give a detailed account of the daily lives of the Beats and it was here that Williams Borroughs wrote Naked Lunch.

The Beat Hotel exhibition runs from the 29 July to 29 August 2010 at Proud Chelsea. Visit the Proud website for further details.