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London Transport Wartime Signs Products

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start of the Blitz in England, London Transport museum currently has an exhibition called “Under Attack” which looks at the role played by public transport. To accompany the exhibition , the museum’s shop has a range of related products based on the London Transport wartime signs and posters.

These signs and posters focused on advising staff and passengers on emergency rules and regulations with warnings such as “Drinking Water Only. Not to be Used for Washing” and “Sheltering on this Stairway is Prohibited”, which are reproduced here on mugs, t-shirts and travelcard holders. Other warnings relating to gas and toilet paper are also printed onto baby clothes, which you may or may not find amusing, depending on your sense of humour.

Prices start at £4.95 for the travelcard holders and go up to £14.99 for t-shirts. View the whole range on the London Transport Museum Shop website.

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All Zones London Transport teapot

London Transport teapot

Fancy a cuppa? If you've got lots of thirsty mouths to sate and a fondness for transport related products, you may well be interested in the All Zones Transport teapot. The perfect partner to the 'Why not a canteen job?' tea towel featured last year, it's a London Transport canteen themed tea pot. 

Made from white ceramic, it features the London Transport logo on the side in a muted grey and also as a roundel on top of the lid. It also holds a hefty six cups of tea. Perfect if you can't be bothered transporting yourself from the sofa. 

The teapot costs £22 from Whitbread Wilkinson. 

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‘Why not a canteen job?’ London Transport tea towel

Canteen tea-towel

If you find yourself chained to the kitchen in a bid to feed your hungry family, this London Transport tea towel will certainly give you food for thought. The tea towel shows an advert from 1949 which asks 'Why not a canteen job?'. The design is typically of the period and it lists the benefits on offer to canteen workers. The offer of extra pay for Sundays and relief duties will certainly seem appealing if your culinary efforts go unappreciated! 

The tea towel is on sale from Whitbread Wilkinson for £5 who also reproduce the same design on an apron for £10.

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