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Pop Floral Lunch Bag from Paperchase

Pop floral lunch bag
The Pop Floral Lunch Bag is another useful, well-designed accessory from Paperchase.

The sixties-inspired pop art flowers can't fail to brighten up the most miserable British summer lunchtime and the insulated bag will help prevent your sandwiches getting soggy. Paperchase do this kind of colourful print very well and their homeware accessories tend to be durable and well produced to boot.

The lunch bag costs £10 from Paperchase – take a closer look online here.

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Blafre Robot Lunch box

Blafre robot
After Wednesday's Lunch Man here's another retro way to get your kids to take their lunch to school (or you to take your sandwiches to work): the Blafre Robot Lunch box.

The lunch box is both retro-inspired in terms of material and imagery. It's made from metal with a plastic handle and is decorated with cheerful simplified images of robots. Like this lunch box? The Norwegian company also produces the same design on a smaller storage tin. 

The lunchbox costs £10.95 or you can buy the tin for £6. 

Buy it from Nettlegreen

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I love London lunchbox

I love London lunchbox

More products featuring the iconography of London, with this I Love London lunchbox. You may remember the distinctive London tissue pack we featured a couple of weeks back, showing a retro-style illustration of a Routemaster bus and people queueing in line. That image has been used again here – to decorate the plastic lid of a lunchbox. 

I've not been able to find out any more information about the illustration – whether it's a genuine image from the late 1950s or 60s or just the work of a skilled copy-cat. Whatever its provenance it remains a striking image and you may be pleased to hear it's now also available on a greeting card and on a doormat, as well as on the lunchbox.

The lunchbox costs £4.95. 

See the range at the Dotcomgiftshop