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The Macbeth pub tea towel from Soulful Toaster


Soulful Toaster are currently stocking a couple of tea towels featuring London architectural landmarks. One shows the Trellick Tower but as that building comes up so often on this site, how about going a bit further back in time with this tea towel showing the Victorian Macbeth pub in Hoxton, East London? 

It's a fascinating building: originally being built as a gin distillery, using water from its own underground spring. The words 'Hoxton distillery' can still be read at the top of the building, and indeed at the top of this tea towel. It's now a pub and a live music venue (it also gained notoriety for Amy Winehouse's ex-husband attacking its landlord). The design is screen-printed onto white cotton and is made, appropriately enough, in East London. 

This tea towel costs £9.50, as does the design showing the Trellick Tower.

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