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Rory Dobner Alphabet Tiles

Designer Rory Dobner has an impressive list of commissions including Christian Dior, Soho House and Agent Provocateur, but for those of us who can’t afford to commission a whole interior makeover you can buy these Alphabet Ceramic Tiles.

The illustrations for each letter are in a Victorian style, but slightly odd and surreal. Each tile measures 6 inches squared and cost £36 each.

Visit Rory Dobner’s website for details of how to buy them.

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The New English Anatomica Ceramics

My first instinct on see the Anatomica range was to recoil in horror, but on further investigation it is an interesting collection.

Designed b y Lisa Turner for The New English, the collection consists of breakfast, cake and bread plates, mugs and tea cup and saucer sets. The design is inspired by the 19th century’s newly discovered fascination with the human body and shows a Victorian gentleman with his inner workings exposed. Prices start from £18 for a mug up to £69 for a coffee cup and saucer.

View the whole collection at Lifestyle Bazaar.

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Victorian Tile Magnets


Liven up your living space with this colourful collection of Victorian tile magnets from the V&A.

The set of 63 different magnets can be tiled together (as shown) or used however your imagination desires. The total size of the attached magnets is 190mm x 286mm but you can seperate them into individual squares.

The beautiful collection is available for only £8.50 at the V&A. Although this particular item is not available through the website, if you call the V&A they can give you more details on when it will be back online.