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Rory Dobner Alphabet Tiles

Designer Rory Dobner has an impressive list of commissions including Christian Dior, Soho House and Agent Provocateur, but for those of us who can’t afford to commission a whole interior makeover you can buy these Alphabet Ceramic Tiles.

The illustrations for each letter are in a Victorian style, but slightly odd and surreal. Each tile measures 6 inches squared and cost £36 each.

Visit Rory Dobner’s website for details of how to buy them.

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Roost Living Hand Knitted Lightshade

KnittedLampshadeCUTWEB2 For an innovative re-imagining of a period lampshade, look no further than Roost Living's Hand Knitted Lightshade.

Created by artist Rory Dobner, the lampshades are knitted on vintage metal frames, so no two are the same. Using grey cotton yarn, the cable stitch creates a soft texture and attractive twisting border to the shade. This in turn means that light is softly filtered and diffused to give a gentle effect.

The shades cost £120 each and you can buy them exclusively from Roost Living.

Find out more here.