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Roost Living Hand Knitted Lightshade

KnittedLampshadeCUTWEB2 For an innovative re-imagining of a period lampshade, look no further than Roost Living's Hand Knitted Lightshade.

Created by artist Rory Dobner, the lampshades are knitted on vintage metal frames, so no two are the same. Using grey cotton yarn, the cable stitch creates a soft texture and attractive twisting border to the shade. This in turn means that light is softly filtered and diffused to give a gentle effect.

The shades cost £120 each and you can buy them exclusively from Roost Living.

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Love Miss Daisy Vintage Wedding Dresses

  A wedding dress should feel totally and utterly unique and there's no better way of ensuring that your dress is a one-off than by picking something vintage.

Love Miss Daisy stock a range of Vintage Wedding Gowns including the dress featured above, which is made of knife pleated lace and cream tulle and dates from the 1950's. It comes with a matching lace bolero jacket and costs £400.

It's just one of many in the collection, which ranges from the 1940's to the 1980's. Prices start at £150 and go up to £600.

To find out more and book an appointment visit the Love Miss Daisy site here.

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Prince Charles’ 1979 Range Rover Classic up for sale


For those who though we couldn't top the Queen Mother mini bus, well, we just might have with a 1979 Range Rover Classic, originally owned by Prince Charles in his bachelor days.

According to the seller, this is a 'lovely and now sought after' early model, but just as significantly, it was supplied new to the Royal Mews in Buckingham Palace for the exclusive use of HRH Prince Charles. Indeed, he got it for his 21st birthday. Not just any old early model either, some unique features (at the time) were also added.

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