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Prince Charles’ 1979 Range Rover Classic up for sale


For those who though we couldn't top the Queen Mother mini bus, well, we just might have with a 1979 Range Rover Classic, originally owned by Prince Charles in his bachelor days.

According to the seller, this is a 'lovely and now sought after' early model, but just as significantly, it was supplied new to the Royal Mews in Buckingham Palace for the exclusive use of HRH Prince Charles. Indeed, he got it for his 21st birthday. Not just any old early model either, some unique features (at the time) were also added.

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eBay watch: The Queen Mother’s 1970s Bedford 18-seater staff bus


It's great finding weird and wonderful items on eBay – like this 1970s Bedford 18-seater bus, once owned by the Queen Mother.

Yes, according to the listing, this 1971 bus was bought for transporting the Queen Mum's luggage and staff and was finished by the bespoke bus bodybuilders Willowbrook in Leicestershire. In doubt? You'll also get all the original paperwork with it, including sale receipts, a quotation and letters from the Queen Mother's secretary and even a picture of the bus rolling off the production line.

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