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Alice in Wonderland Inspired Limited Edition Prints

Alice4A new exhibition at Tate Liverpool explores the enduring appeal of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland as a source of inspiration for artists, writers and creatives of all kinds. To accompany the exhibition, letterpress studio A Two Pipe Problem has created a limited edition range of posters which draw on the surreal world of Wonderland.

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Rory Dobner Alphabet Tiles

Designer Rory Dobner has an impressive list of commissions including Christian Dior, Soho House and Agent Provocateur, but for those of us who can’t afford to commission a whole interior makeover you can buy these Alphabet Ceramic Tiles.

The illustrations for each letter are in a Victorian style, but slightly odd and surreal. Each tile measures 6 inches squared and cost £36 each.

Visit Rory Dobner’s website for details of how to buy them.

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Moustache Corkscrew

New in at Urban Outfitters is this Handlebar Moustache Corkscrew.

The handle of the corkscrew is a black moustache, whose curling ends double as a bottle open. The design surely must take its inspiration from the famous moustache of Salvador Dali and I feel certain that he would approve of the surreal fun nature of this item.

Buy it online from Urban Outfitters, priced £14.

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Fornasetti Home Fragrances

The latest items to be added to the ever-expanding range of Fornasetti products, is a collection of Fornasetti Home Fragrances.

The collection includes scented candles in ceramic pots decorated with his instantly recognisable designs Bacio (mouth/kiss), L'Architettura (architecture), Civette (owls) and L'Ape (bee), priced £90 or larger scented candles with the Viso a strisce (stripy face) or Scimmie (monkeys) for £350. There are also oil diffusers, incense burners, room sprays and incense boxes, which are all perfumed with the same fragrance.

The scent used is “Otto”, the eighth variation, which uses Mediterranean herbs found around the Fornasetti family home, along with woods used in Formasetti’s furniture and interiors, and incense to recreate the dreamlike qualities of his designs. It is always tricky to know if you will like a fragrance based just on a description, but with these products, you are probably paying for the containers and packaging as much as the scent itself.

Visit Milk Concept Boutique for further details.

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Moustache Clouds Print

Of course, men do still have moustaches, but not in the same numbers as they used to, and rarely in the twirling style depicted in this Moustache Clouds Print.

This type of facial hair alwayst calls to mind Salvador Dali and the idea of moustaches floating like cloud seems quite surreal too. The print measurres 8 by 10 and is available in a multi-coloured version (as pictured here) or with all black moustaches.

The print costs $20 (around £13) from MursBlanc’s Etsy store.