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Alice in Wonderland Inspired Limited Edition Prints

Alice4A new exhibition at Tate Liverpool explores the enduring appeal of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland as a source of inspiration for artists, writers and creatives of all kinds. To accompany the exhibition, letterpress studio A Two Pipe Problem has created a limited edition range of posters which draw on the surreal world of Wonderland.

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Typetables Print by Proud Creative


Learning by rote is deeply unfashionable these days, but Proud Creative's Typetables add a new dimension to memorising your multiplication tables.

Proud Creative's type nerds have laid out each table from one through to twelve in a different font to create an educational aid for kids that should be equally pleasing to design conscious parents – you can get your kids learning their arithmetic and school them in typography at the same time.

Typetables are litho printed on 115gsm McNoughton Colorit paper measuring 420 x 594mm. They are available in four delicious colours;  pink, green, blue and orange and cost £15 each from Unlimited Editions here.


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Shipping Forecast – Gale Warning Letterpress Print by John Christopher

Artist John Christopher uses vintage wood and metal type to create unique letterpress prints including this one, part of his acclaimed Shipping Forecast project.

As well as using traditional painstaking methods which display tiny imperfections in the type and make each print unique; Gale Warning commemorates a significant event in British modern history: the great storm of 1987. Visually documenting the predicted wind-force, direction and air pressure of that memorable night, this work is hand-printed on to four separate sheets which have a total length of 2.1 metres.

The print costs £400 unframed and you can buy it from Unlimited Editions here

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A Two Pipe Problem Letterpress Studio


A Two Pipe Problem is a Walthamstow-based letterpress studio run by graphic designer Stephen Kenny. Using his collection of old wooden blocks and metal type he designs and prints striking posters featuring quotes inspired by music, film and literature. The typography creates a strong visual impact with classic style and the antique nature of the materials used means that no two posters are the same.

Stephen will also undertake commissions to produce one-off posters to commemorate weddings and births and if you really have the letterpress bug, you can even attend a workshop at his studio and learn a little bit about the history of the press and then create your own poster to take home.

The poster featured above costs £32 and you can find out more about Stephen and his work here