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Shipping Forecast – Gale Warning Letterpress Print by John Christopher

Artist John Christopher uses vintage wood and metal type to create unique letterpress prints including this one, part of his acclaimed Shipping Forecast project.

As well as using traditional painstaking methods which display tiny imperfections in the type and make each print unique; Gale Warning commemorates a significant event in British modern history: the great storm of 1987. Visually documenting the predicted wind-force, direction and air pressure of that memorable night, this work is hand-printed on to four separate sheets which have a total length of 2.1 metres.

The print costs £400 unframed and you can buy it from Unlimited Editions here

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James Brown “Viking” print


The Shipping Forecast is a beloved British institution and the cryptic names that make up the sea regions celebrate their 62nd anniversary this year. The James Brown "Viking" print will help you put a place to a name when you're listening to the radio long past your bedtime.

Listing all 30 of the sea regions, from Viking to Southeast Iceland, the single colour print is in a seaworthy shade of navy to bring a touch of the nautical to your home. 

The "Viking" print is £31 from James Brown's website.