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Antique Road Coat by Miss Patina


When the high street tackles the sixties psychedelic look it can often fall for the clichés, resulting in a cartoonish interpretation of the decade's more boundary pushing designs. This Antique Road Coat by boutique brand Miss Patina taps into a colourful psychedelia with subtlety and style.

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Cardboard Pendulum Clock by Amy Levinson Design

With all the classic aesthetic of an antique American-style clock, this unique Cardboard Pendulum Clock by Amy Levinson Design is, as the title suggests, made of cardboard.

The clock has all the detailing of a traditional pendulum clock laser etched onto it and arrives as a flat pack for you to assemble & decorate if you wish. This quirky take on a much loved vintage piece would look equally comfortable in a traditional or modern setting.

£30 from Brighton POD. See the website for more details.

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Blaue Blume Tea Service from Undergrowth Designs

Eat me

In terms of crockery for afternoon tea, our favourite meal of the day, we thought we'd seen everything. Oh how wrong we were.

In no way whatsoever is this Blaue Blume Tea Service from Undergrowth Designs just another collection of twee patterned cups & saucers. The plates are adorned with an intricate 1920s lace pattern with a simplistic 'Eat me!' slogan in your choice of black or gold, whilst the cups, teapot and other pieces are finished with a pair of ladies legs. Some of the more eccentric pieces include the sugar bowl, which is designed as an old fashioned rolltop bath, and the petit four stand, which is propped up at the bottom by an antique doll's head. Every piece has been lovingly made and glazed by hand in London. Although it will not be to everyone's taste, this is a truly unique collection that will no doubt cause a stir at your next tea party.

Pieces in the collection start from £12.26. You can see the full range on the Undergrowth Designs website.