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Ali Miller United Kingdom Teapot, Teacup and Saucer


The Union Jack motif has suffered from overkill, especially around the Royal Wedding, but if you want something patriotic and nostalgic, Ali Miller’s United Kingdom range makes a nice change.

The design comprises a map of the UK, ships and crowns (not a Union flag in sight) and it adorns those quintessential British items, a teacup and saucer set and a teapot. The teacup and saucer cost £25 and the teapot costs £45.

They are available exclusively at Rockett St George.

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The New English Anatomica Ceramics

My first instinct on see the Anatomica range was to recoil in horror, but on further investigation it is an interesting collection.

Designed b y Lisa Turner for The New English, the collection consists of breakfast, cake and bread plates, mugs and tea cup and saucer sets. The design is inspired by the 19th century’s newly discovered fascination with the human body and shows a Victorian gentleman with his inner workings exposed. Prices start from £18 for a mug up to £69 for a coffee cup and saucer.

View the whole collection at Lifestyle Bazaar.

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Cornflower blue porcelain teacup trio

This beautiful cornflower blue porcelain teacup trio dates to the mid-twentieth century, and is perfectly decorated with hand painted blue flowers on green stems. 

It's the ultimate in tea-party chic to be accompanied by dainty cakes and cucumber sandwiches or to add an element of 1950s vintage elegance to a room.

Both plates and the large teacup are in excellent condition and available from the aptly named The Oxford Tea Party for £4.99.