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Robot Matryoshkas

The latest in a long line of retro robot products to appear on these pages is this set of Robot Matryoshkas.

The traditional Russian nesting dolls has been transformed into a group of retro robots. Each robot is a different design (the second size down looks particularly mean!) and, of course, they are all varying sizes, ranging from 4 ½ inches to just over an inch tall.

The set costs $13.99 (about £9) from Perpetual Kid.

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50s Housewife Russian Dolls

These 50s Housewife Russian Dolls are an unusual twist on the traditional sets of dolls.

The figures are blonde women, who look rather like Mad Men’s Betty Draper, doing a succession of housewife chores, including serving a roast diner, brushing her children’s hair, ironing (whilst drinking a cocktail), dusting and applying lipstick. The dolls were created by artist Yana Elkassova, taking inspiration from her Russian heritage and using it to humorously show ideas of womanhood.

The dolls cost £180 from Eye Storm, a price that reflects their status as a piece of art, rather than a toy.

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Ingela P Arrhenius nesting circus dolls

We've previously shown you the retro-style artwork of Ingela P Arrhenius and here, with this set of nesting circus dolls, her colourful designs are translated into 3D.

The set is a new take on Russian nesting dolls with five figures that each fit inside each other. The difference here is that they're all based on circus characters – including the lion tamer, the lion and the clown – from one of her prints. Made from wood, the resulting toy has a very traditional feel and is almost too nice to hand over to the kids. 

Each set costs £18.95.

Buy the set from Hus and Hem