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Barcelona Pavilion Bird Bath Feeder by Monique Engelund for Menu


Fancy some iconic modernist design in your garden? You need the Barcelona Pavilion Bird Bath Feeder by Monique Engelund for Menu, which also does a few favours for your feathered friends too.

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Daily menu 1950s designed paper napkins

Nilsson napkin

With the UK finally getting some good weather at the weekend, picnic season seems to be upon us once again. Add some retro flair to your picnic with these Daily Menu napkins

The paper napkins use a design by Marianne Nilsson from the 1950s and illustrate possible menus for various meals in the day. You may remember the homeware range we featured a little while back, featuring Nilsson's Herring design. These napkins are equally Scandinavian in its choice of flavours, with boiled egg and cheese offered as one of the breakfast options. You may not agree with her suggestions but the simple line drawings, combined with grey and bright lime and yellow colours, make the napkins look a pretty tasty option. 

A pack of 20 costs £3.50. 

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