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Olives tea towel by Marianne Nilsson

Olive tea towel

Perfect for slinging over your arm as you're serving up a few martinis – or useful in clearing up the aftermath of a few too many, this Olives tea towel by Marianne Nilsson is another fifties design plucked from the archives. 

It's a great graphic number, covered in circular motifs and juicy olives on sticks. Shown here in the blue version, it's also available in a red colour scheme. 

The tea towel costs £8.95.

Buy it from New House Textiles 

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1950s-designed Marianne Westman Picknick coasters

Picknick coaster
We covered the reissue of Marianne Westman's 1956 Picknick design last year, and in turn the chopping boards that also used the design. It gets a further lease of life with these new Picknick coasters

Each of the square coasters reproduces one of the foodie motifs from the design. Use them with the rest of the Picknick homeware range and you've got everything you need to set up your own indoor picnic. 

Simple and sweet, a set of the four coasters costs £11.40.

Buy them from New House Textiles

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Family Favourites tea towel by Charlotte Farmer at New House Textiles

Family favourites

The 1950s Scandinavian designs from New House Textiles are frequently featured on this site. The newest additions to their shop take in a more traditionally British direction with a contemporary collection from Charlotte Farmer which includes this Family Favourites tea towel.

The illustration on the tea towel celebrates the rich biscuit heritage of this country with a selection including a malted milk, a Tunnocks tea cake and a party ring. You're sure to find your personal favourite on there. Take a look at the rest of her collection – which also includes canvas bags – for more biscuits, as well as cakes, cutlery and snow globes. 

This tea towel costs £9.50. 

Buy it online

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50s-style Scandinavian homeware at New House Textiles


You don't need to buy vintage to get a vintage look – check out the all-new, 50s-style Scandinavian homeware at New House Textiles for a stylish midcentury vibe.

There are several collections available, all taking inspiration from Sweden in the 1950s and taking in the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. As just one example, the Red Orchard design offers up that eye-catching leaf print as an oil cloth above, but also offers it as pot stands, trays, chopping boards, cushions and even fabric, if you want to make something yourself from it.

Check out all the ranges at the website, with prices vartinh according to your choice of item and design. But as a quick guide, that oil cloth is £17.50 per metre, while a cushion on the same design sells for £20.

Find out more at the New House Textiles website

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Daily menu 1950s designed paper napkins

Nilsson napkin

With the UK finally getting some good weather at the weekend, picnic season seems to be upon us once again. Add some retro flair to your picnic with these Daily Menu napkins

The paper napkins use a design by Marianne Nilsson from the 1950s and illustrate possible menus for various meals in the day. You may remember the homeware range we featured a little while back, featuring Nilsson's Herring design. These napkins are equally Scandinavian in its choice of flavours, with boiled egg and cheese offered as one of the breakfast options. You may not agree with her suggestions but the simple line drawings, combined with grey and bright lime and yellow colours, make the napkins look a pretty tasty option. 

A pack of 20 costs £3.50. 

Buy it from New House Textiles