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1950s-designed Marianne Westman Picknick coasters

Picknick coaster
We covered the reissue of Marianne Westman's 1956 Picknick design last year, and in turn the chopping boards that also used the design. It gets a further lease of life with these new Picknick coasters

Each of the square coasters reproduces one of the foodie motifs from the design. Use them with the rest of the Picknick homeware range and you've got everything you need to set up your own indoor picnic. 

Simple and sweet, a set of the four coasters costs £11.40.

Buy them from New House Textiles

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ISAK Harvest Wallpaper

Harvest wallpaper
This Harvest Wallpaper is another great design courtesy of ISAK.

With its depiction of fish, onions, peas and herbs, this design references Marianne Westman's classic 1956 Picknick design (which was reissued last year). The same basic ingredients have been given an update with ISAK's distinctive Scandinavian 70s style and have been made available for your wall, not just your dining table. Like all of ISAK's wallpapers, you send them the width and height of the area you want covering and they custom make the rolls for your wall. 

The paper costs £38 per square metre. 

Order it online

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1950s Marianne Westman-designed Picknick chopping boards


Back in July, we featured the reissue of a classic – the Marianne Westman-designed Picknick homeware range. Originally designed in 1956, it's a Scandinavian mid-century classic that still looks shaper today. If you invested in that, you'll no doubt be keen on owning these newly-launched Picknick cutting boards.

Like the rest of the range, the design features food laid out for a picnic, this time on a wooden board that's been laminated and available in a choice of three designs and sizes.

Prices start at £20.47.

Find out more at the Scandinavian Design Center website

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Smorgasbord tray by Barbro Tryberg Boberg and Maria Holmer Dahlgren


Add a touch of Scandinavian retro style to your kitchen with this smorgasbord tray designed by Maria Holmer Dahlgren and Barbra Tryberg Boberg.

Neither designer is a stranger to this site: Maria Holmer Dahlgren, whose London trays and tea towels are well known, and Barbra Tryberg Boberg who was featured recently for her Formverket Formica kitchenware. 

The design has a strong 1950s look with its skeletal depiction of plants and vegetables that have been illustrated in black and picked out in a second colour. It has the same feel as Marianne Westman's recently reissued 1956 Picknick design (you can now get that tray in the UK from New House Textiles for £15.50). Made from Swedish birch veneer, this tray design should hopefully have the same longevity.  

The tray costs £15.95. 

Buy it from Hus and Hem