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Smorgasbord tray by Barbro Tryberg Boberg and Maria Holmer Dahlgren


Add a touch of Scandinavian retro style to your kitchen with this smorgasbord tray designed by Maria Holmer Dahlgren and Barbra Tryberg Boberg.

Neither designer is a stranger to this site: Maria Holmer Dahlgren, whose London trays and tea towels are well known, and Barbra Tryberg Boberg who was featured recently for her Formverket Formica kitchenware. 

The design has a strong 1950s look with its skeletal depiction of plants and vegetables that have been illustrated in black and picked out in a second colour. It has the same feel as Marianne Westman's recently reissued 1956 Picknick design (you can now get that tray in the UK from New House Textiles for £15.50). Made from Swedish birch veneer, this tray design should hopefully have the same longevity.  

The tray costs £15.95. 

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