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Disco Mirror Ball with Rotation Motor

Are you gripped by the desire to bring give your lounge a Seventies disco makeover? Most people probably aren’t, but should that be your thing, then this Disco Mirror Ball is pretty much an essential accessory.

This particularly mirror ball comes with a motor which rotates the ball, just like the ones in discos and ballrooms., although it 25cm diameter, it is a bit smaller and more suitable for the average home.

It costs £29 from Rockett St George.

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Disco ball clock from Urban Outfitters

Disco ball clock
Want to guarantee that it's always party time? Maybe you should invest in this disco ball clock, available from Urban Outfitters.

The clock is made from glass, echoing the effect of a mirrored ball, with plain black hands allowing you to judge exactly what time you should go and hit the local disco. 

Certainly not a home decor look for the faint hearted, the clock costs £35. 

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