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eBay watch: Philips Gadabout 1950s motorised bicycle


The more I see these engine-clad vintage bikes, the more I like them. All the looks of a vintage cycle with the bonus of not having to pedal uphill. What's not to like? Very little when it comes to this Philips Gadabout motorised bicycle.

It actually dates back to 1956 and comes with a 50cc engine, good enough to get you around your local area at a decent speed. It does need some work, you'll need a couple of tyres and lights to get through the MOT. But according to the seller, the bike has been 'dry stored' for the last 20 years and is in 'good running order', so nothing major to worry about.

£150 is the current price.

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eBay watch: 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia


I know we have featured one of these in the past, but I couldn't resist highlighting this superb example of a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia currently on eBay.

It dates from 1967, but according to the seller, the car has been 'completely taken apart, sand blasted then rebuilt', with new brakes, wheels, tyres, interior and paint job, while the engine has been taken apart, rebuilt and re-chromed professionally. In addition, the engine has been tunes and the gearbox reconditioned. It's certainly an impressive restoration.

Downside? Well, left hand drive if you're not used to it and possibly the price. Right now it's at £1, but with a reserve, that means nothing. You can take a chance that the reserve is fairly low or you can simply splash out on the 'buy it now' priced of £8,500 if you happen to be feeling flush.

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eBay watch: 1950s NSU Quickly 49cc motorised bicycle


Last week we featured a motorised bike from Raleigh, which proved really popular. Well, now we've found another – and we think this 1950s NSU Quickly motorised bicycle is even better.

A stunning vintage design, made in Germany back in 1958 and packed full of the retro curves that are so common in retro bicycle designs in the modern era.

According to the seller, it's a 'good runner', has a 49cc engine, two speeds and 'everything's original'. The only thing needed is a new speedo cable. Plenty of interest, but even allowing for that, the price is only at £215.55. See the eBay page for lots more images.

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