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Ceramic Retro Cameras

Yellow Owl Workshop has produced a collection of ornaments, under the name Ceramic Photographic Legacy, which should appeal to photographers and fans of vintage cameras.

Pictured here is the Ghost Camera 1980, which is modelled on the One Touch camera. There is also one from the 1960s in the style of the Argus Brick camera and from the 1970s based on the SX-70. Each one is hand cast in glazed earthenware in stark white.

They cost $70 each from Buy Olympia.

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Gold ceramic pineapple from Dwell

PineappleDwell is well known for its high street take on designer looks. This season it adds a bit of festive sparkle into its collection of accessories which includes this gold ceramic pineapple

As you know, any well-stocked retro bar comes complete with a pineapple ice bucket. This ornament takes inspiration from that look. Admittedly less useful than an ice bucket, the ornament wins full points for kitsch glamour. 

The pineapple costs £29.95. 

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