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Piaggio reissues the classic Vespa PX scooter


It was withdrawn from the range by Piaggio a while back, but news has reached us of the return of the Vespa PX scooter.

For eco (and possibly commercial) reasons, the Vespa PX departed the market, as the company concentrated on its 'twist and go' range. But it is now being re-launched by Piaggio and was shown off recently at the Milan Motorcycle Show looking not a lot different to older models. Indeed, it's only really had a few minor cosmetic enhancements for the relaunch, still using a standard PX 4-speed, 2-stroke 125cc engine (we believe) and offering the usual hand gear shift.

Pricing hasn't yet been talked about, but you should be able to buy one next years, specifically from April 2011. More details when we have them, although so far, the Vespa press office has ignored our pleas for more details on the relaunch.

Vespa website

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Tribute Vespa – scooter with a mahogany finish by Digital Veneer


Not just your average Vespa scooter, the Tribute Vespa adds a high-end polished wood finish.

According to makers, Digital Veneer, each brand new Vespa is transformed by craftsmen into 'an authentic and unique work of art', which includes everything from a mahogany mirror finish to a hand stitched leather seat, taking style prompts from 'legendary speedboats' and 'evoking the glamour and La Dolce Vita of the original'.

Each one of the Vespas carries a numbered limited edition silver plaque. Each one takes three weeks to make and would need to be shipped from New Zealand. Price? A hefty £8,995 to an even heftier £12,995, depending on which model of Vespa you opt for. More details and images on the website.

Digital Veneer website