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Charley Harper Flamboyant Feathers ceramic platter by Fishs Eddy

Flamboyant feathers platter

You can now get some of Charley Harper‘s wonderful mid-century illustrations for your home too, thanks to a range by Fishs Eddy. This display-worthy Flamboyant Feathers ceramic platter is one of the pieces on offer.

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Sagaform ceramic fish platter


This ceramic fish platter from Sagaform references both its geographical and design heritage. 

It's designed to bring a traditional Scandinavian platter of fish-based delicacies to your table while it also has a definite 1950s look, not dissimilar to Marianne Nilsson's Herring design dating from that decade and available from New House Textiles.

This platter is clearly intended for display as well as use, with a hole at the top enabling it to be hung up on the kitchen wall. Like Nilsson's design, it's also available on a jar – perfect for storing away your fishy delicacies. 

The platter costs £19.95. 

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