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Postage stamp pouffe

You may remember the distinctive rug we featured recently, in the instantly recognisable shape of the British postage stamp. If you wanted to go all the way with this look, you could also invest in this postage stamp pouffe

The pouffe is covered with colourful variants on the postage stamp, printed onto cotton velvet. Shown together, the bright colours, not to mention the iconic depiction of the Queen, and the whole object has something of a Pop feel. 

Each pouffe is handmade and costs £269.

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RSVP the retro way with Imperial Telegrams


It's pretty easy to get a message to someone in the 21st century, be it by text, email or Facebook. For a more unusual way to send a greeting, take a look at Imperial Telegrams.

Pay £10 and you can send something like the above. Deliberately designed to represent old telegrams, your message is typed on a 1940s typewriter before the card is decorated with vintage stamps and date stamped. The card is then put in its own special envelope and then in a general envelope and before it is finally dispatched through Royal Mail. 

It's certainly an attractive and unusual way to send a special message. One small negative though: you are limited in the number of characters your message can contain. Though maybe in these days of Twitter that's not so much of a problem!

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