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“Sex, Drugstores and Rock & Roll: A History of the Kings Road” at Proud Chelsea

PNK001JBPunks on the Kings Road by Jeanette Beckman  

The next exhibition at Proud Chelsea will be “Sex, Drugstores and Rock & Roll: A History of the Kings Road”.

The exhibition will be a photographic celebration of the Kings Road since the 1960s, including its importance in the music scenes of the 60s and 70s. It will feature prints from photographers such as Harold Chapman, Janette Beckman, Bill Zygmant and Barry Lategan and will include photographs of Apple Tailoring which was launched at 161 Kings Road in May 1968.

The exhibition runs from 23 March to 8 May at Proud Chelsea. Further details on the the Proud website.

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Muhammad Ali: The Champ Exhibition at Proud Chelsea


To coincide with the 50th anniversary of his Olympic Gold Medal, Proud Chelsea hosts the exhibition Muhammad Ali: The Champ.

The exhibition consists of photographs taken by photojournalist Michael Gaffney, who was determined to photograph the boxing legend after regretting never having the opportunity to photograph Elvis before he died. What initially began as a two week assignment became a year long project when a friendship developed between the two men and Gaffney was given unparalleled access. The resulting photographs capture the spirit of the man both in the ring and in private.

The exhibition runs until 3rd October at Proud Chelsea in London. For further information visit the Proud website.