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Poppy Print Dress by Red Herring


When a mainstream fifties look is the inspiration, it's most often florals that modern designers look to, eschewing the more daring niche looks of rockabilly and pin-up styles from the era. This Poppy Print Dress by Red Herring manages the sweetness of a floral fifties look without being too saccharine.

The use of red and black is a classic combination that adds a tougher edge than many natural floral prints, with the poppies retaining the retro feel. The dress has a simple but effective cut, with capped sleeves and a high waistline allowing a swing style skirt to balance the silhouette.

It's available now from Debenhams for £35.

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Categories / Women's Fashion

Red Herring 1960s-style abstract print shift dress


Not exactly ideal for current temperatures, but if you happen to be going somewhere warm indoors or can hold off for a few months, this Red Herring 1960s-style abstract print shift dress.

Packing a Pucci-style swirling print, this shift dress is a fairly short thigh-length sleeveless affair with contrast trim and collar, made from 100 per cent cotton.

£32 is the price online or inshore.

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