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Roddy & Ginger city windows cushions

Roddy and Ginger window

We've featured the folk-inspired style of Roddy & Ginger before but their new city windows cushions are something slightly different from the designers. They've still got a retro feel, though this time have more of a 1950s look. 

This is much more abstract than previous pictorial designs such as their folk dance print. The windows mentioned in the product name have been depicted as slightly wonky blocks of solid or cross-hatched colour. Available in the zesty colours of aqua or green, or a more subdued grey, their simple design means they would easily fit into many rooms.

Each cushion costs £24. 

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Roddy & Ginger Christmas stocking

R&G christmas stocking

The countdown to Christmas begins in earnest tomorrow. There's always lots of tempting ideas for gifts on these pages but how do you collect together all your gifts in a suitably retro style? Perhaps this Christmas stocking from Roddy & Ginger can help. 

It's a simple white stocking printed with a bird motif, one of Scandinavian folk-art designs that Roddy & Ginger do so well. The stocking is available in two colour combinations – either red and pink or chocolate and blue – and is printed on cotton, though they will make it in linen for you on request 

And, very importantly, at almost half a metre long there's lots of space for your presents inside. 

The stocking costs $26 from their Etsy store

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Roddy & Ginger Sardana print


This new Sardana print is another beautiful folk-art inspired design from Roddy & Ginger. It combines dancing figures, similar to those shown in their 'folkdance' print, with a view of the rooftops and towers of a Spanish village. 

As well as the suitably Mediterranean orange/tan colour combination shown above it's also available in dark teal/olive. The print is sold unframed for £40.

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