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Pop art-style Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Cans finally head to UK supermarkets


We got very excited when these were launched last year, but were disappointed that it was US-only, followed by Australia earlier this year. But just over a year on from the US launch, these pop art-style Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Cans are finally in UK supermarkets.

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Own Label: Sainsburys Design Studio 1962 – 1977 book by Jonny Trunk


Go into your average Sainsburys store today and the store / packaging is as dull las any other supermarket. Not so in the 1960s, when the Sainsburys Design Studio was at its height, an era celebrated by the Own Label: Sainsburys Design Studio 1962 – 1977 book by Jonny Trunk.

Published by fuel, it celebrates the era from 1962, when Peter Dixon joined the Sainsburys Design Studio, kick-starting a revolution in product design for its Own Label products. Simple, stylish, modernist design, nothing like anything that had come before – designs that helped to build Sainsburys into a brand giant.

Produced in collaboration with the Sainsbury family and The Sainsbury Archive, the book showcases that impressive body of work for lovers of graphic design, as well as offering a unique insight into what and how we ate. Some of those images pictured below, or check out the product page for many more. Available for pre-order now, you can secure one for £11.87.

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Tu midcentury-style Dark Wood Flower Wall Clock at Sainsbury’s


Better-known for grocery shopping, Sainsbury's has a home section too, with one or two interesting finds amongst it, including this Tu midcentury-style Dark Wood Flower Wall Clock.

There's a touch of the George Nelson about it, or at the very least, a 1950s or early '60s feel. If that's the look your after, this is great value. 35cm in diameter, it has that dark wood construction with contrasting hands, able to wall mount easily, as you probably guessed.

Powered by a single AA battery, you can grab one online for just £18.

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Tu Dark Wood Flower Clock from Sainsbury’s

Flower clock
If you're keen to inject some retro style into your home but your bank balance has taken a battering over the Christmas period, this Tu dark wood flower clock from Sainsbury's is something of a bargain.

It's a simple wall mounted clock, with wooden petals radiating out from the central design, that would fit easily into a 1950s/60s look. 

And the price? The clock costs only £18. 

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