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Dowel sofa by Sean Dix

Dowel sofa

This Dowel Sofa designed by Sean Dix is another retro-inspired design courtesy of

It takes its inspiration from 1960s Scandinavian designs and is an elegant number. There's a nice attention to detail, such as in the curved arms or in the exposed slats of the ash wood and stainless steel frame at the back of the sofa. 

As with all designs by, the production method and materials are aimed at keeping the costs down. In this case, the sofa costs £499. 

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Spoon coffee table at


Here's an interesting new product from an interesting new company. This Spoon coffee table comes from the range of Made is a new website, set up with the aim of 'revolutionising the furniture retail market'. How they propose to do this is by cutting out the middleman: once you order your table, you have to wait for it to be manufactured and shipped, hopefully resulting in a cheaper price. 

Of course we wouldn't be including this table on this site if it wasn't for its retro looks and indeed this coffee table (along with the rest of the 'Spoon' range) has that with its curvy lines and interesting geometric table top. The design comes courtesy of Sean Dix, one of six designers producing work for the site. 

Is the price enough to convince you that this is indeed the way to revolutionise the furniture market? It's £137. 

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