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Etoile Home’s 50s-inspired Dorothy, Betty and Tiki rugs

Etoile rugs

Etoile Home have just introduced the Dorothy, Betty and Tiki rugs, inspired by 1950s patterns. 

Produced in collaboration with Rug Designers, the rugs all feature bold patterns, evident in the leaf design of Betty, shown on the left hand side of the image and in the florals of the Tiki and the Dorothy design, shown on the right. The rugs come in various colour combinations and are all hand-made from 100% wool. 

The patterns get their distinctive names after the aunts of Etoile Home's founder, Shani Beadle. You'll be seeing more of these ladies over the coming months as the prints will be rolled out on other products.

Prices start at £680 for the Tiki rug and £699 for the Betty and Dorothy rugs. 

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