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eBay watch: 1960s chrome plant stand


If you've got a 60s-inspired room and want something with impact for a corner, this 1960s chrome plant stand could be just the thing.

It's unusual, most plant stands we see are of the 1950s / formica variety, rather than this one, which almost certainly from the '60s or early 1970s. The chrome frame stands around 38 inches tall, with those chromes arms featuring 'smoked' plastic stands at the end of each arm, four in total.

The chrome is said to be in good condition, aside from light pitting through age, while one of the plastic stands has a chip, which is highlighted on the images. £15.50 is the current price, if you want it in your home.

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eBay watch: 1950s wood and formica plant stand


If you happen to be furnishing your home in a 1950s style, this wood and formica plant stand could be the perfect addition.

The main kidney shaped table is made of wood and finished with a charcoal grey Formica top plus a white grid pattern finish and a gold and black metallic rim. But that's not all – there's also four removable (and angled) wooden feet, two curved wood stems and five wooden platforms with Formica covers. It's an eye-catching thing, that's for sure.

The stand is described as being in 'very good/good' condition, with 'age related scratches, marks and staining' and a loose shelf, that can probably fixed easily. Right now, it's priced at £29.

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eBay watch: 1950s Formica-topped plant stand


A rather cool little item for the 50s-themed home, this Formica-topped plant stand.

No maker of note, but if you want the look, it's all here – three angled wooden legs, a wooden platform and a black and white-striped Formica top with silver metallic rim.

Condition is described as 'good/fair', with some age-related marking. Then again, not much to pay – right now, it's just 99 pence.

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Smartphone gets a vintage twist with the iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand


Is your iPhone just a little too modern-looking for your tastes? You need the iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand.

Yes, send it kicking and screaming back to the 80s with a rubbery sleeve that turns it into a cassette (well, kind of), while a cassette case-like structure works as a stand for your smartphone.

Ok, it's not really fooling anyone, but it's the kind of novelty that will get your iPhone noticed in a sea of similar devices. Available to pre-order now, it sells for £12.99.

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eBay watch: 1950s plant stand


We have featured something similar in the past, but this 1950s plant stand on eBay looks a fine example.

A piece that screams the era, the stand has a wooden rectangular base with a cream formica top, angled legs and a central curved wooden arm that holds four further platforms, each made of wood and with formica and plastic ribbon adding to the detailing. If you love the 1950s, this will fit into your home perfectly.

Described as being 'in excellent condition', it already has a few bids on the book, but is still only at £25 right now.

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Hang-It-All inspired coat rack from Oliver Bonas

Gumball stand

This Gumball coat stand, available at Oliver Bonas takes more than a touch of inspiration from Charles and Ray Eames' Hang-It-All

Hang-It-All was intended to bring fun to an everyday object – in that case livening up a wall-mounted coat rack with powdered white steel, topped off with brightly coloured balls. This design takes the white of the Eames' number, includes the coloured balls and plays on the sense of fun but applies them all to the shape of a more traditional free-standing coat stand. 

Whether you prefer the design or not, there's no denying the price difference. The Hang-It-All will set you back about £170 while this stand costs £45. 

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