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Boundary sideboard designed by Steuart Padwick at

Boundary sideboard

The advantages of's manufacturing policy are made clear by Steuart Padwick's Boundary sideboard. With a great take on mid-century style, it's interesting to compare it to Padwick's Coast sideboard, which looks very similar but retails for about five times the price. 

Of course there is disadvantages too. Partly that you have limited choices in the finish: it's only available with either the walnut veneered doors pictured, or with grey doors. The main disadvantage, however, is the wait for it to be manufactured – it will take approximately 10 to 14 weeks from your order to its delivery. 

However, the price is pretty persuasive – it costs either £375 with the grey doors, or £399 with the walnut doors. 

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Categories / Design and Interiors

Coast sideboard by Steuart Padwick


Here's an attractive contemporary update of an everyday classic object courtesy of Steuart Padwick's Coast sideboard

The pleasingly chunky design looks back to mid-century designs but is brought into this century by the splash of colour on the two cupboard doors. Although the website states that you can get the doors in almost any colour, including a matching wood, the two options to order online are either the green pictured or a purple pair. 

If you like the look of this, there's a chest of drawers, dresser, dining table and chair to follow in the same series. 

The cost reflects the twenty-first century design credentials of the piece and would set you back £2245. 

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