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Designer classic chair napkins


If you like your classic chairs and have already invested in the appropriate wallpaper, cushions and prints for your home, why not complete the look with these designer chair napkins?

It's a set of four cloth cocktail napkins, each illustrated with a different chair by maker Avril Loreti. The silhouettes are instantly recognisable and this set includes Wegner's Wishbone chair, Le Corbusier's Chaise longue, Sori Yanagi's butterfly stool and, finally, bringing the set up-to-date Philippe Stark's Louis Ghost chair. This selection not to your choosing? Take a look at the her other set, featuring four further designs. 

You can buy a set for $26. 

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Tetrad – Tetris style shelving


I've lost count of the number of Tetris related items we've featured that are available to buy for your home. And yet, as in the case with Tetrad – Tetris-styled shelving – designers are still coming up with more. 

The designers behind Tetrad are New York's Brave Space. The shelving comes as a 10 block set. Each block made in the familiar shape of the building blocks, with wooden sides and a white metal backing. That's where the fun begins: you can attach the blocks to each other, to the wall or put them up individually. You can devise your own point score for the most artistic arrangement. 

With delivery in the US only and a price tag of $2630, I suspect our homes won't been overrun by Tetris block just yet. 

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‘Digital’ clock by Chroma Lab


We must have shown you hundreds of clocks over the years on Retro To Go, both of the digital and analogue variety. Well, the Digital Clock by Chroma Lab combines the look of one with the mechanism of the other. 

Look closely at those numerals and you'll realise that they've been painted onto the clock face and it's digital by name only. This contrasts with the quartz mechanism that enables you to actually tell the time. 

Like the combination? Each clock is hand-made and costs $59. 

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