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English Red Telephone Box Print by Graphic Nothing

For this English Red Telephone Box Print, designer Graphic Nothing moves away from their previous obsessions with famous artwork, album covers and films.

It is apparently part of the “objet d'street furniture” series, although I haven’t seen any of the others. The traditional and now rarely seen telephone box is recreated in a simple graphic style. It is available in three sizes; A3 for £17.50, A2 for £26.50 or A1 for £36.50.

Buy the print online from Some Prints.

Categories / Art and Photography

Red Telephone Box from Some Prints


This print courtesy of Some Prints illustrates an iconic piece of British design, the red telephone box

The digital print reduces the box to its simple, no-fuss form. Some Prints is a collective of North West Britain based graphic artists who have also turned their hands to depicting other images like telephone, flowers and camper van in the same simplified form. 

One of an edition of 25, this print costs just £10. 

See it online