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English Red Telephone Box Print by Graphic Nothing

For this English Red Telephone Box Print, designer Graphic Nothing moves away from their previous obsessions with famous artwork, album covers and films.

It is apparently part of the “objet d'street furniture” series, although I haven’t seen any of the others. The traditional and now rarely seen telephone box is recreated in a simple graphic style. It is available in three sizes; A3 for £17.50, A2 for £26.50 or A1 for £36.50.

Buy the print online from Some Prints.

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“A Scene From..” Prints by Graphic Nothing

I loved Graphic Nothing’s Mona List Revamped and album cover remixed prints, even if it took a few minutes of staring and squinting to see what they were. More easily recognisable, but just as good is the “A Scene From” series of prints from the same designer.

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