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“A Scene From..” Prints by Graphic Nothing

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I loved Graphic Nothing’s Mona List Revamped and album cover remixed prints, even if it took a few minutes of staring and squinting to see what they were. More easily recognisable, but just as good is the “A Scene From” series of prints from the same designer.

I would imagine if you are reading this site that you will recognise the above image as being David Hemmings setting up his camera in Blow-Up. Other cult and classic movie moments given Graphic Nothing’s makeover including Mick Jagger dancing with a neon light tube in Performance, Cameron, Sloane and Ferris posing in Chicago's Art Gallery in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and of course, a scene from Star Wars just before Ben Kenobi dies.

The prints are available in three sizes A3 (£19), A2 (£28) and A1 (£46) from Some Prints.

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