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60s Swing Mac from Oasis


Swing coats for Summer never seem to go out of style, and it never takes over the top detailing or patterns to make a real retro statement. One of the best we've seen this season comes in the form of this 60s Swing Mac from Oasis.

Available in two vintage inspired shades, the tomato red in particular has an effortless feel of British mid-sixties design. With an A-line shape, slim sleeves and a high collar, the simple addition of flap pockets adds both practicality and a hint of classic militaristic influence too.

It's now available in both colours for £75 from Oasis.

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Cavendish Mac from Hobbs


When investing in something as often worn as outerwear, opting for classic styles is always the best option. Allowing for versatility and never overshadowing your carefully selected Friday night threads, coats like this Cavendish Mac from Hobbs are a must in every retro wardrobe.

Taking inspiration from the simplicity and class of sixties looks, the mac uses timeless structure like double breasted fastening and a belted waist to create a feminine silhouette. The use of white trim against a deep navy adds structure to the lapels and pockets, nodding to the sixties love of monochrome too.

Get yours from Hobbs now for £149.

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Warehouse belted trench coat


The classic trench coat has been a wardrobe staple for decades and this Warehouse belted trench is a great summer version.

Bridging the gap betwen spring and summer when it looks warm but buckets down with rain after an hour can be tricky. This light weight trench coat is flattering, stylish and warming on a blustery spring day and helps you judge the seasons. This classic coat is an investment piece that will not go out of fashion, and a good alternative if your budget won't stretch to the famous Burberry model.

It's £85 from Warehouse online.

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Plaid Natasha Trench from Fred Flare


Modern reinterpretations of the classic trench coat often opt for a utilitarian style, choosing traditional and sharp style elements for impact. If you favour a cutesier tone to your retro style, this Plaid Natasha Trench from Fred Flare is the ideal sixties-inspired choice.

The structure of the coat is basic and chic, with an empire line and double breasted buttons. It's the colour palette, however, that speaks of mid-sixties looks, with a yellow plaid and bubblegum pink buttons to finish. The overall look has just enough mod style to create a stylish everyday retro item.

Get it online from Fred Flare for $84.

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Sherlock Cape by Rocha.John Rocha


Mainstream outerwear has long had a rich seam of vintage inspiration, with this Winter seeing a major comeback for the sixties look cape. Some high street designers are still finding plenty of inspiration from the style, as seen in this Sherlock Cape by Rocha.John Rocha.

With a trench coat inspired style, the look is kept classic with a fawn colouring and true retro detailing. The high collar, storm flap and epaulettes retain the military influence on original trench coats, while the cape cut and waist belt add some mid sixties design flair.

It's now available from Debenhams for £89.

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Cord Trench Coat from Monsoon


Classic coat shapes return to the high street rails every Winter season, providing a great variety of choice for those of us looking for vintage inspiration. Taking a perennial favourite and adding a twist is this Cord Trench Coat from Monsoon.

The coat's structure is faultlessly retro, taking a traditional trench shape with added flaring and a larger lapel. Combined with the navy corduroy fabric, the result is an immediately seventies-look version of the trench coat, with the colours, textures and styling of the decade working together.

It's available now from Monsoon for £80.

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