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Hackman summer jug and colander

Hackman summer
Cast your mind back and you may remember Hackman summer casserole dish, a charming piece of kitchenware featuring a great 50s-style pattern. That range has now been expanded to include more things for your kitchen, including a summer jug and a colander

Like the casserole dish, both items are decorated with the retro pattern of vegetables, produced by Dog Design. All the products are made from traditional enamelware, meaning the products should last you for the foreseeable future – a touch of pretty practicality for your kitchen. 

The colander costs 33 euros, while the jug is available for 19 euros. 

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Categories / Design and Interiors, Food and Drink

50s-style Hackman summer casserole dish

Hackman dish

Think of summer food and I doubt you'll think of a casserole. This Hackman summer casserole dish may make you change your mind. 

It combines a traditional iron enamel dish with a charming '50s-style pattern by Dog Design featuring onions, peas and other tasty vegetables. Surely an essential purchase for any wannabe fifties housewife/husband?

The dish costs 39 euros

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