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Crowel App from the Design Museum

As part of the Wim Crouwel exhibition (which we’ve mentioned before), the Design Museum commissioned the Crouwelclock App.

The App is a graphic alarm clock that also features three personal messages from the designer. So you can wake up to the sound of Crouwel wishing you ‘a nice and well designed day’, reminding you to ‘keep your grid straight today’ or that ‘a grid today keeps the doctor away’.

It costs 59p from the i-tunes store.

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Wim Crouwel-inspired Wallpaper

Whether the name Wim Crouwel means anything to you, will depend on how much you know about graphic design and specifically typography. Dutch designer Crouwel is best known for designing radical fonts such as the The New Alphabet which he created in 1967. The Design Museum will be celebrating his long career with an exhibition later this year. Whilst the exhibition itself will undoubtedly be interesting, what has particularly sparked our interest is the limited edition Wim Crouwel Wallpaper that will accompany it.

The Design Museum has partnered with Cole & Son to release a wallpaper inspired by his work. The design incorporates a letter C for Crouwel in a geometric and abstract form to pay tribute to his style. Available in a choice of grey or aqua, the wallpaper costs £175 per roll.

The wallpaper will be on sale to coincide with the exhibition (30 March to 3 July) and will only be available to buy from the Design Museum Shop.