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Retro dog collars and leads

Go down to your local pet store and you’ll probably have very little choice for a dog collar, with the exception of size and colour. That’s not the case at Retro Pet, which has a huge range of retro pet collars, harnesses and leads.

Available for all sizes of dog, you can choose from exotic designs including "Mod Psychedelic Swirl", "Retro Orange Atomic", "Mocha Dahlias" and the one featured here – "Psychedelic Flowers".

Prices vary, with collars around $21 (£11),  leads around $28 (£15) and harnesses around $40 (£22).

Find out more at the Retro Pet website

  • Jean-Marc

    My dogs are purists and would never accept these swirly fashions !!

  • chic designs. 😉 i really like the psychedelic one.