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Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

I always associate the Peanuts cartoon with Christmas rather than summer, but when the sun comes out, you’ll be glad you had this Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine to hand.

For Sno-Cone read Slush, Slushy or Slush Puppy – they’re all more or less the same idea. This little machine makes you something in that area, offering you a metal ice shaver, syrup bottle, package of unsweetened drink mix, paper cups, shovel scoop and instructions on how all that works together.

it should produce a cold icy drink when you need one. And when you don’t, it’s a quirky Snoopy toy that’s sure to get people talking.

Available at Fred Flare, it retails for $22 (around £11).

Find out more at the Fred Flare website

  • that takes me back. i remember having this what, over 20 years ago, as a kid.

  • I had one of these as a kid! I think my parents may still have it.