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Strand Craft – speed boats with retro looks


I can spot a retro-styled car a mile off, but a retro boat? Well, if there is such a thing, Sweden’s Strand Craft are the people that make them.

The company specialises in building boats that mix classic styling with modern technology, so you can go fast, but look the part when you come closer into shore. The look takes inspiration from the golden age of the French Riviera, with chrome, lacquered wood and leather finishing in abundance, not to mention vintage-styled dials and controls.

The boat pictured above is just one example – the Bellezza 21, designed by Bo Zolland. The price? Well, they’re not readily available due to the tailor-made nature of the things. But if your numbers on the Lotto have come up, you can get a quote via the website.

Find out more at the Strand Craft website