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Keracolor Sphere round TVs – still available to buy


If you think about space age design, chances are you’ll think of the round TV, more specifically, the Keracolor Sphere TV range, the brain child of a man called Arthur Bracegirdle in 1968.

They burned brightly in the early 70s, with a range of models available, including floorstanding and hanging TVs, wood-effect models, even a large model with a built-in 8-track player. The TVs stayed in production before the company closed down in 1977 – but the round shells remained in storage.

But now they’re back in production, with the full co-operation of Arthur Bracegirdle and using those original shells. The difference? Well, the TVs inside are updated with modern-day technology, including Scart sockets, Teletext, Nicam sound and a remote control. Not right up to the minute technology, but certainly recent. 

The models available are 20-inch and 25-inch TVs, floorstanding or
hanging and with a choice of colour. They retail for £1045 for the
20-inch and £1445 for the 25-inch. Not cheap – and probably difficult
to get through the front door – but certainly worth considering if you
want a space age look in your home.

Find out more at the Keracolor website