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Keracolor Sphere round TVs – still available to buy


If you think about space age design, chances are you’ll think of the round TV, more specifically, the Keracolor Sphere TV range, the brain child of a man called Arthur Bracegirdle in 1968.

They burned brightly in the early 70s, with a range of models available, including floorstanding and hanging TVs, wood-effect models, even a large model with a built-in 8-track player. The TVs stayed in production before the company closed down in 1977 – but the round shells remained in storage.

But now they’re back in production, with the full co-operation of Arthur Bracegirdle and using those original shells. The difference? Well, the TVs inside are updated with modern-day technology, including Scart sockets, Teletext, Nicam sound and a remote control. Not right up to the minute technology, but certainly recent. 

The models available are 20-inch and 25-inch TVs, floorstanding or
hanging and with a choice of colour. They retail for £1045 for the
20-inch and £1445 for the 25-inch. Not cheap – and probably difficult
to get through the front door – but certainly worth considering if you
want a space age look in your home.

Find out more at the Keracolor website

  • Kmen

    Tried to contact these guys 3 times allready to buy one. Never gotten an answer! A hoax or real?

  • David Walker

    I’m pretty sure they’re genuine – I have noticed them selling via eBay. In fact, there’s one o eBay right now, being sold (I think) by a previous customer.
    They aren’t far from me, might chase them up for a feature.

  • Kmen

    Hey David,
    if you happen to meet them, ask them why they don’t answer their mails and tell them there’s somebody in Belgium who realy wants to buy one of these from them 🙂 Hope you have more luck then I had!
    Cheers, Kenneth.

  • james

    I have an original in white in excellent condition. and am going to sell any idea how much it is worth ?

  • Edmond

    James I am interested although I have no clue what the original is worth?

  • sjab

    Where do i get one of them from?i have struggled so much to find any company and the keracolor website does not load up.

  • susie harding

    Hi Guys,
    I have an original rare one to sell that is in full working order, and i’m thinking of listing it on Ebay before Christmas, let me know if you are interested,
    best wishes

  • kelsi

    Hi susie, Did you sell the keracolor?