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80s-style talking Japanese watches

Bold colours and a basic digital read-out, these talking Japanese watches look straight out of the 1980s.

But they’re not – the watches are new out of Japan, but available worldwide from Fred Flare. All the colours pictured are available, each one telling you the time as well as showing it.

But there’s a downside – you’ll have to know Japanese to understand the talking bit. But if you do or you want to learn the language, this is ideal. Ridiculously cheap too at $20, which is around £10.

Find out more at the Fred Flare website

  • Lee

    Just an add to this… they do not ship worldwide =[
    Shame I really want one of these watches!!

  • Gemma

    Does anyone sell these watches in the UK – they are amazing!

  • What’s annoying is that tehy used to ship to the UK as I used to have one of these watches till mine broke so i could really do with finding a stokist that ships to he uk.

  • aloy

    well looks good want one too